Filed under: far too dramatic but I need to vomit the venom.
  1. I have used the nighttime as an escape for as long as I can remember.
  2. I'm not really the nightmare sort, my mind typically choosing to gift me with pleasantries to give me a morsel of hope to think on in my waking hours.
  3. Not last night.
  4. After one of the longest, most involved dreams I remember ever having, I awoke with tears already trembling in my water line.
  5. Turns out dream me's greatest longing is the same as waking me.
    No surprise, considering the lengthy history of dreams centered on that very topic.
  6. A ladybug with the voice of a friend essentially sat me down and told me exactly how *he* got -my- deepest desire,
    "It was so easy!" he said, while failing to realize—or care—that his story, despite being enviously enchanting, was genuinely impossible for me.
  7. He then abandoned me to fly to his happiness and eat more Saltine crumbs
    While the recliner started folding in around me and my entire life's aspirations dropped shattered into the wastebin.
  8. Leaving dream me and waking me tempted to ball up on the highest roof and let my body slowly roll off.
  9. .............
    25 is a gem of an age.