Inspired by the brilliant @jessacosta.
  1. AKA I Have an Embarrassing Pile of List Ideas That I've Wanted to Publish for Ages But Am Far Too Uncreative to Actually Write
    Aka aka The Struggles Of Being The One Untalented-Writer On TLA
  2. AKA Ode to My Spyder Knife
  3. AKA The Way I Feel While Speeding Up the Clover Interchange
  4. AKA How Many Days Can I Go Without Washing My Hair?
    Aka aka Secrets I'm Taking To My Grave
  5. AKA Another One Bites the Dust
    Aka aka Another Friend Gets Engaged
  6. AKA Our Only Chinese Toddler Declares My Face Too Round
    (Disclaimer: Her ethnicity is only relevant to distinguish which one I am speaking of—zero racism intended.)
  7. AKA You'd Better Dress Cute In Case That Thick/Darkheaded Little White Boy's Dad Isn't Married
    Aka aka Crushing On Unavailable Men Is My SOP
  8. AKA My Most Controversial Opinion
    Aka aka Multiple Trigger Warnings—Please Still Love Me
  9. AKA Food Is Overrated: Make Water Your New Favorite
    Aka aka Chilled Peppermint Tea Can Come In Handy
  10. AKA Patience Is A Bitch
  11. AKA Candles, Chilled Grapes, & the Oxford Comma
    Aka aka What Turns Me On: The Good, The Bad, & The Kinda Bizarre
  12. AKA The Faces I Would Tape To My Punching Bag
    Aka aka Women Who Inspired Me By Regina George
  13. AKA Size 12 *Is* Fat (When Hanging On My Exact Frame) [Now Including Graphic Photo Evidence!]
    Aka aka Meg Cabot Is A Goddess But Still Pisses Me Off