An ongoing Dear Diary list in no particular order.
  1. You lifting me up and carrying me back to my porch
    so my bare feet weren't tortured by the gravel.
  2. Your grandfather telling you to follow me if I moved to Knoxville
    and his relief when you said I wasn't.
  3. My dad saying I was "curled up like a cat on your lap" when he came home from work
    and how excited you were at him finally validating you as "more than a friend."
  4. Victory dancing in the middle of a downtown street at 4am
    when I finally caught my Vulpix.
  5. You asking twice if it was okay before you kissed me
    because you knew how important it was to me.
  6. The first time you opened my car passenger door and sat down next to me
    because I had no idea what was coming and was too afraid to get out.
  7. When Tori got cold on New Years Eve and you offered her your jacket
    even though it was sleeting and you were only wearing a flannel shirt underneath it.
  8. You running off down the sidewalk and prodding me to run after you
    even though I didn't think I could do it.
  9. You going to eat after church one-on-one with my dad when I was out of town
    and my mom being so impressed by how sweet and brave it was of you.
  10. When you danced with Maizie.
    Okay this happened more than once but every time is 💖
  11. When you kissed me on the wall of that cave
    and there were legions of Boy Scouts making a ruckus outside but it didn't matter because the cave was ours and we were fearless.
  12. When that man at the gas station told you, "You got out of that truck and you just kept coming!"
    and you didn't ring his neck (like I know you wanted to) but made a halfway coherent conversation with him despite his insistence on talking about your height.
  13. When you're talking on the phone with your grandfather and you tell him you love him and to take care of himself
    and your voice gets quieter and more urgent like you want to make sure he knows that you really really mean it.
  14. When you brought me a Strawberries n Creme Frappuccino the day after we first kissed just so you'd have an excuse to see me again
    and it was so hot outside the Frapp had mostly melted but I didn't care because it came with your arms ready to hold me for my 30 minute break.
  15. Those nights I fall asleep while you're listening through the phone to make sure I'm in dreamland
    so you can feel at peace in knowing I'm safe from the lonely hours' demons before you let yourself turn in.
  16. That very first time you took me into Sherrod Library
    and you pulled me down the English authors aisle and I wanted to kiss you back but also read every single book in sight and I fully blissed out because there couldn't be a more perfect happening.📚🇬🇧
  17. When we had a little feud over whether or not a guy we sorta know *likes* me.
    You say "I've been in his shoes, I know exactly what's happening!" I say "No, no, no." 💚💚
  18. When we were sweaty after working out so we turned my mom's oversized bath into a makeshift hot tub and "bathed" in our swimsuits.
    The bigger tub was clearly still too snug for two but I was sitting facing you in the hot lavender bubbles while the droplets in your eyelashes glistened in the candlelight, Tigers in the Sky sang 'Daisy' and 'Oceans' and when you kissed me gently my lips smiled into yours and I would've sworn I was living in a quirky romcom. {WHY ARE THE SIMPLE THINGS THE ONES THAT LINGER IN YOUR MIND?}
  19. "There have been lots of lips on [that trophy] before..... But not on my Kitten. Just me."
    SuperBowl smiles. 💜 [Honorable mention to freaking out over the Logan trailers while my Logan's arms were around me. 🙈]
  20. That time we almost got into our first actual fight—over 'Legion' aka a (spectacular) Marvel television special—but then realized how ridiculous we were being and kissed a bunch instead.
  21. When we celebrated Valentine's Day on the 13th; we got all dressed up because you were taking me to Carrabba's but then I got really nervous about going there because I'd never *done* Valentine's Day before and right beside Carrabba's was a Fuddrucker's and I was so excited that there was still one open that you decided to take me there instead.
    And the sweet group of elderly couples behind us thanked us for praying over our meal and I felt so loved and joyous with my kids' meal burger and my free cookie and the purple love bug rubber duckie you won for me. Perfect.