Thanks @kate81 for the request! 😚 (Sorry if this seems vague, I'm trying not to be TOO specific because that sets me up for failure.)
  1. #1. Focus on the positive in the trying areas of life.
    I'm not a miserable person, but I DO have some areas of my life that are endlessly draining. My relationship with my mother, who is too similar to me which leads to a constant guessing game of what will offend her in any given moment. The biweekly church services, where everyone has known me for my entire life and give me a constant reminder of how far I *haven't* come. I want to work to find a way not to let these areas distress me so deeply.
  2. #2. Something that will help keep my brain sharp. (The dream would be to learn Italian. Or French because Beauty and the Beast, obv.)
    In the two and a half years since I graduated college, I believe I can actually feel my mind grower duller, my vocabulary shrinking, even general speaking becoming somewhat slurred and stuttering. This could be partially due to the MS, but I'm sure it's also encouraged by not actively seeking new knowledge.
  3. #3. Discover my talent.
    Supposedly everyone has one, correct? I would really like to find mine, so I could use that knowledge to propel me to a new situation, one that doesn't feel like a way station on the map of life.
  4. #4. Choose one opportunity to abandon my comfort zone.
    There is a seemingly infinite list of times opportunities came up that I turned down for fear of leaving my norm. In 2016, I want to pick one that comes my way and just do it.
  5. #5. Make a scrapbook of the Trip of Dreams: UKate 2013.
    I have never made a real scrapbook before, and I want to try it--I want to really take my time and make it great, because it was the best month of my life thus far and it deserves the royal treatment.
  6. *Bonus: Learn to love myself.
    This is an enormous undertaking, because I don't have many things about myself that I love. This is at the core of most of my hesitancies about life. I really want, when 2017 rolls around, to like myself enough to be willing to do things that make me uncomfortable. It will take a LOT of work, but that's what I want.