In no particular order, ranging in brand from highly unrealistic to utterly delusional. 🙃 Truly an honor to have received a trending list request! xOxOx
  1. Assistant to Mr. DiCaprio.
  2. Professional cuddler.
    If the only way to get cuddles is to lowkey prostitute myself, so be it.
  3. Co-owner or high-ranking employee of a combination bookshop and bakery.
  4. Travel guide who tests trip agendas.
  5. Librarian at the University of Bristol.
    Because I seriously doubt my ability to be a professor no matter what my mother says.
  6. Employee for a corporation who travels to cities where the corporation will be holding a convention, etc., and tries out every scheduled visit during the conference to make sure they are up to par.
    My mother knows someone who does this job. WHAT.
  7. Researcher for those "What to Do and When to Do It at Disney World/Land" books.
    Aka get paid to go to the parks and ride rides and eat food, etc.
  8. Runner for conductor of film score orchestration.
    I'll get you whatever you want, just let me sit in the background and listen.
  9. Location scout for locales in upcoming films.
  10. Film critic.
    Watch movies and write about what I think?!? PERFECTION.
  11. Book editor.
    I legitimately enjoy correcting typos, grammatical errors, as well as figuring out what helps a story flow versus what should be removed.