I know this took a literal fortnight but I'm not even sorry because difficulty level: extreme. Psyche you know I love you. 👯 Also I didn't pick a One Dream because I lack the necessary experience (read: any experience at all) so I just picked five potential options?
  1. A scavenger hunt where every clue is in handwritten letter form.
    Because actual handwritten letters are literary pornography. MALE ME. 💌💌💌
  2. Movie nights with stovetop popcorn=*far* superior to microwave popcorn.
    And broaden my film-viewing horizons! I adore movies but I know for a fact every human has at least one movie they swear is a must-see that I've never watched. Fix me. Then let me fix you.
  3. Let's just go for a walk.
    I've never done this in date form, but incredible things happen when you're walking with someone and sharing each other at the same time. This I believe, body and soul. *NOTE*: If it's super hot, it will have to be a short walk. Heat does bad things to my brain and then moves down to my legs. C'est la vie.
  4. Ice cream cones.
    You share a cone with somebody, you got a real bond.
  5. Go to a bookstore.
    Really that in itself is good enough, but for a real adventure pick a book to buy and read only when you're together. Pact!