Thanks for this dreamy request, lady!
  1. Disclaimer: For my entire life, I have longed to be loved by a man. As in, he's head over heels, sappy soppy, stupidly in love with me—because that's how I know I will be. But no one has ever felt that way about me, or even been close.
    I have never believed men are even capable of that? Which is a whole other list... Simply thinking of prying myself open to the level of vulnerability required for a relationship is like staring into the barrel of a gun. "My Dream Man" is the perfect title, because my fears and my life experiences and the influential people in my life all add up to equal that my relationship dreams are meant to stay dreams. I'm too messy to drag someone else into so much scary and hard and complicated.
  2. The first thing that I'm going to put on my Dream Man list is that I need someone who will pursue me. Who demonstrates that he's decided I'm worth exerting some effort, and then continues to do that. For always.
    I realize that this is a tall order. But the fact is that I will never be able to believe for any significant amount of time that I am wanted or worthy. It's a massive headache, and I know it *has* to get old. But this is my fantasy, and in my fantasy, a man exists who is crazy enough about me to do this for me.
  3. A godly man.
    For real need this one. I have the self esteem of a pregnant slug, so I need someone who sees me through God's eyes and who can pursue me even after we're together. As I stated before, I am absolutely positive I will never reach a place in my life where I don't see myself as pond scum, and I have a horrible tendency to act out mentally and sometimes physically in my worst moments. I need someone who accepts me, sees me as more than trash, and helps me heal.
  4. Now, on to less philosophical things. I think being tall my whole life—and, I'll admit, rather immature—has created a craving inside for someone who can watch over me, both literally and figuratively. Ergo: TALL.
    I'm 5'10" and have been self conscious about it for ten years. I want someone tall enough to let me tuck my head under his chin.
  5. Speaks well. I detest the redneck/hillbilly twang so prevalent in my family (and a huge number of other people in my area). I adore British accents—English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Australian, in that order—but even a well-spoken American accent is great.
  6. Nice singing voice (big bonus points for playing an instrument).
    I'm a choir girl, ergo boys who can sing are better than chocolate.
  7. Older than me.
    I'm so naive about the world and I need someone to help me with it who already knows what he's doing. See #4 about my naivety.
  8. Keeps the ball in his court.
    A la Hugh Jackman's brilliant advice in Kate & Leopold. I want someone who takes the lead—when it comes to this stuff I am a newborn. Guide me.
  9. Dark, thick hair.
    Can't resist it.
  10. Good eyebrows.
    See above.
  11. Not super skinny, but not hugely overweight either. I'm NOT perfect in any way, but I do *try* to keep myself healthy.
  12. Doesn't want kids.
    I love kids. I think they're precious and amazing and beautiful. But I want zero of my own. I have reasons.
  13. Likes to read.
    Brainy's the new sexy.
  14. Deep voice.
    As I write this I am watching a family friend build a platform for his wedding, and every time he speaks with his deep baritone I'm a teeny bit sad he won't be saying his vows to me with that voice.
  15. Not super into video games or sports.
    I'm not saying he can't enjoy them, but I'd prefer he not be deeply obsessed.
  16. Likes the outdoors, but won't try to shove me outside all the time.
    Nature is nice in the right dosage. But too much and I turn into an ogre.
  17. Willing to get dressed up with me and take me out to do something I'm not actually sophisticated enough to do.
    A gala or something else only rich people do.
  18. Likes to cuddle.
    Literally have never been cuddled, but I sure as heck want to be.
    Dear sweet Yaweh, please let there eventually be a man in existence who likes to kiss me. My lips want to be loved on, dang it!