*As in the VBS definition: "What is it?" **Alternate title: "What's This?" a la Tim Burton
  1. Life has been over-the-top stressful lately
    For so many reasons that range from impending grad school (which looks better now than it did yesterday but is still pretty intimidating) to disappointment over the new Beauty and the Beast (which affected me more than I care to admit)
  2. And tonight as I'm reading in my LoveSac, I have the oddest sensation
  3. Like a bubble has just been exhaled into my abdomen.
  4. I, as a human being, love bubbles
  5. Which means normally this would not be something worthy of concern.
  6. Except that the thing about bubbles is—
  7. Despite being fun and floaty and captivating—
  8. They are, by implied definition, wholly empty.
  9. Which is precisely how I feel right now.
  10. Not necessarily "bad"
    Although isn't a lack of goodness badness? I know a lack of badness isn't necessarily goodness. True neutrality is an impossible state of being. Or is it?
  11. But empty.
    Which is another word for pointless in the world of my brain. Just like bubbles: they're thrilling for three seconds and then they pop and leave no lasting affect on anything (except perhaps a few molecules of the air around them that are no better or worse for the bubbles having been there).
  12. And I'm honestly not sure how I feel about that.