I cannot craft a tribute as beautiful as would she, but I cannot let tonight pass without acknowledging her light.
  1. You made this oddball, dreamer girl—a person completely insecure about her belonging in her life, in her path, in this community—feel like she mattered.
  2. Part of her secretly always wanted to meet you in person, but distance and money and shyness kept her from pursuing that.
  3. She wanted to sit in a café with you and discuss politics, a subject in which she actually agreed with much of what you said even when so many others didn't.
  4. She wanted to ask you about your life, and to get your advice on how to make big changes without losing your wit and charm, because she could tell that it's what you did.
  5. She wanted to tell you that she admired your spunk.
  6. And your compassion.
  7. And your conviction.
  8. And your courage.
  9. And your sense of humor.
  10. And your friendly exuberance.
  11. And your sticktoitiveness.
  12. And your poetry.
  13. And your beautiful mind.
  14. But she never did.
  15. She knows now she never will.
  16. I'm so sorry, @biz. You were a shining treasure in a broken world. You mattered, beautiful poet. You will be missed and you will be remembered. This I promise you.
  17. October 9, 1980-August 2, 2016