Inspired by @socks & @lesbian.
  1. People I've had a crush on: the limit does not exist. (Crushing is my constant state of being. I crush therefore I am.)
    Approximately every third guy I've spoken to and/or seen on a screen or a stage since around age 7.
  2. People I've dated: 0
  3. Dates I've been on: 0.
  4. People I've actually met who have asked me out on a date: 0.
  5. People I've kissed: 3.
    None of which truly counted, in my opinion, because I am an old lady who thinks for a kiss to count it needs to mean something, not just be a byproduct of boredom.
  6. Boys I've kissed: 2.
    Brothers. They were like 5 and 8; I was like 7.
  7. Girls I've kissed: 1.
    I used to kiss my friend, who was younger and as close as a sister to me, occasionally for years. Until I was like 16.
  8. Nudes sent: 7.
    Five to one guy, who was kind of a less-horrid Kilgrave to my Jessica Jones, and whom I never met in the flesh. Two to some lovelorn lonely guy in NYC. Never met him either.
  9. Nudes received: too many.
    From too many people. And I didn't ask for any of them because that is just *not* erotic to me in the slightest.😷
  10. Videos of me sliding an entire banana in and out of my throat: 1.
    WTDH, past Katherine?
  11. Times I've had sex: 0.
  12. People I've actually met and wanted to have sex with: 0.