Inspired by @list. This could go on constantly until I die, to be honest.
  1. Winter Soldier!Bucky believing in me.
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  2. With the sunshine basket sent to me right after my MS diagnosis.
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  3. Me when I was post-diagnosis skinny.
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  4. Tea.
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  5. The most beautiful human alive.
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  6. The best birthday party ever.
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  7. NPH.
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  8. Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal Lecter.
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  9. The elves are over Frozen almost as much as I am.
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  10. Far from the Madding Crowd.
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  11. Right?
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  12. Romola Garai.
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  13. The one where I tested as my favorite of the Friends.
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  14. The most beautiful story ever told.
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  15. Little me celebrates Christmas.
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  16. Cinderella's castle + lightning.
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  17. The Kiss I want my engagement ring to be hidden inside.
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  18. Some gender quiz I took ages ago.
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  19. ATJ + curls.
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  20. James D'Arcy in his underwear.
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  21. Maizie kisses.
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  22. FIYAH!
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  23. Mushrooms on the first day of fall.
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  24. The cutest baby I have ever seen.
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  25. My seventh-grade signature for grading papers.
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  26. I get a LOT of low key injuries.
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  27. This 2 year old with better natural eyebrows than my own.
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  28. This purse I found last night.
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  29. My sister when she was little.
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  30. Captain America Band Aid.
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  31. Autumn porn.
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  32. Where I live on a map.
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  33. When Bryan Singer Instagrammed about Apocolypse and JMac's gorgeous head.
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  34. Cotton candy ice cream cone.
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  35. Ouch.
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  36. My mantra.
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  37. Filed under: things I was given two lifetimes ago that I will never throw away ever.
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    And yes, he has my initials tattooed on his neck. The Dream.