Inspired by @list. This could go on constantly until I die, to be honest.
  1. Winter Soldier!Bucky believing in me.
  2. With the sunshine basket sent to me right after my MS diagnosis.
  3. Me when I was post-diagnosis skinny.
  4. Tea.
  5. The most beautiful human alive.
  6. The best birthday party ever.
  7. NPH.
  8. Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal Lecter.
  9. The elves are over Frozen almost as much as I am.
  10. Far from the Madding Crowd.
  11. Right?
  12. Romola Garai.
  13. The one where I tested as my favorite of the Friends.
  14. The most beautiful story ever told.
  15. Little me celebrates Christmas.
  16. Cinderella's castle + lightning.
  17. The Kiss I want my engagement ring to be hidden inside.
  18. Some gender quiz I took ages ago.
  19. ATJ + curls.
  20. James D'Arcy in his underwear.
  21. Maizie kisses.
  22. FIYAH!
  23. Mushrooms on the first day of fall.
  24. The cutest baby I have ever seen.
  25. My seventh-grade signature for grading papers.
  26. I get a LOT of low key injuries.
  27. This 2 year old with better natural eyebrows than my own.
  28. This purse I found last night.
  29. My sister when she was little.
  30. Captain America Band Aid.
  31. Autumn porn.
  32. Where I live on a map.
  33. When Bryan Singer Instagrammed about Apocolypse and JMac's gorgeous head.
  34. Cotton candy ice cream cone.
  35. Ouch.
  36. My mantra.
  37. Filed under: things I was given two lifetimes ago that I will never throw away ever.
    And yes, he has my initials tattooed on his neck. The Dream.