It's snowing snowing snowing and my whole town shuts down when it snows. Ergo, pathetic listing: initiate.
  1. I will almost certainly never have a human best friend.
    It's a story almost as old as me which I'm sure you don't want to sit through, so I'll just leave it a that.
  2. My best friend is named Maizie.
  3. She's my mom's Great Pyrenees.
  4. She's the only living thing whom I never second-guess wanting me around.
    She always does.
  5. She used to be teeny.
    Maizie & me her first night with us.
  6. Not so teeny anymore.
    Maizie & me last night.
  7. My perfect little angel sister calls her "corn dog."
    Because Maizie --> maize --> corn, ya know?
  8. She likes pretending she's a mermaid.
  9. She likes watching over us from her platform on Pride Rock.
    She has two: a front Pride Rock and a back Pride Rock. This is back PR.
  10. She likes to curl up in my lap.
    Despite the fact that she's about three feet too long to do so.
  11. She likes watching us watch TV.
    Unless it's 102 Dalmations. She loves watching that movie almost as much as me.
  12. She likes hiding from the sun.
    Heat is the enemy. She gets that from me.
  13. When she was little she liked napping.
  14. She REALLY liked napping.
  15. I guess some things never change.
  16. She loves snooooow.
  17. Licking her nose.
  18. Curious about her mini-Maizie ornament.
  19. Sad puppy eyes.
  20. Heaven's light.
  21. Snow is exhausting.
  22. She's a pretty great best friend.