A stream of consciousness list.
  1. I'm working at the school through the summer, but now I have to decide if I want to commit a whole other year to a position here.
  2. I've enjoyed this job. Despite its many problems.
    Read: co-workers with whom I don't click, constantly sick due to kids & their germs, terrible pay at part-time, etc.
  3. However, teaching has never been my dream.
  4. I'm a commitment-phobe as it is. Signing my life away for a whole other year to a job that wasn't in my plan is serious business.
    I know, I know. Life is what happens when you're making other plans, yada yada. But I'm a planner. Whatcha gonna do?
  5. The trouble is, leaving here lands me back in the dangerous black hole of unemployment that I was in for like 8 months before I started working here.
  6. Finding a job in my area is akin to winning the Triwizard Tournament unless you're gifted in math and science, which would qualify you to work for our Big Global Company (Eastman), whose corporate headquarters is right here in Kingsport.
    I'm an English major. I am the opposite at skilled in math and science.
  7. I'm also supposed to be starting therapy soon, at the guidance of countless humans both in this sanctum and in real life.
  8. Maybe I need to stay here for another year and hopefully gain some insight into myself and my issues and what I should do, and then try to find something else?
  9. The problem with this is: it will give me a fairly small window of time to find a full-time job with health benefits by my 26th birthday when I'm legally forbidden from piggybacking off my parents, which will be September 13, 2017.
    And I *really* *need* health insurance. Like, big time.
  10. I'm obviously a bit frazzled.