Things I obsessed over in 2016. Sorry it took so long, and likely this isn't what you had in mind, but thanks for the request nonetheless, @dudleyjoshua! 💜
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    Song: Speaking of Truth (Orchestral Version)—Laleh
    This played under an episode of The Royals that I watched in February and I am still INFATUATED. [Wonder if this song could show up on one of @plaidflannel's "Playing in Starbucks" lists. 🤔]
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    Album: Wild World—BΔstille
    EVERY. SINGLE. SONG. ♥️🎶♥️ [Attn: @saum & @allysonarno 😘]
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    Band: Kaleo
    Fell hard for these guys and their song "Way Down We Go" in early summer, and a month later they came to the city directly beside mine! They sound perfect live, no shoddy vocal work which is a peeve of mine (choir girl). Also they have a few songs in Icelandic that make me want to tear my heart out and fling it to them. Totally twitterpated. [Question for @im_yon: did you happen to hear anything about these guys while in Iceland? Asking for a friend.]
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    Solo Artist: Sia
    I didn't truly listen to her until early this year, and she got to me in a big way. 🎶
  5. 5.
    Book: Me Before You
    This book. I mean. My goodness. I could write a series of books about all the conflicts it raised within me, as a person who is classified as disabled and may one day rely on the assistance of others for every little thing and could possibly be confined to existence in a chair, this book was just a very eye-opening read for me. It was something that taught me the necessity of choosing compassion instead of judgement—because I know SO. MANY. PEOPLE. who condemned the way
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    (Book continued)
    the story played out, and it was a very surreal moment of, "I can't say what I would do in that situation, because I know how I feel in my situation NOW, not in that one." If that makes any sense. Sorry, I know I'm rambling, but I just adored this book. It meant a great deal to me, and though I enjoyed aspects of the film (Emilia! Sam! Emilia!!!) did *not* do it justice.
  7. 7.
    Movie: The Revenant
    I was enthralled by this movie for so. many. reasons. OSCARS 'THE REVENANT' DESERVES LEO DiCAPRIO AND THE STUBBORN TONGUE SCARS ARE THE MOST UNDERRATED FEATURE (Not the least of which being that it kind of shaped my entire future. FINALLY MAKING GOOD ON MY BET: A LI.ST STORY)
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    Show: Poldark
    I had no idea what this show was about going in but honestly the instant I saw Demelza I was hooked. Ross is nice too I guess, amirite @angela3950?
  9. 9.
    Character: Johnny Truant
    My my. This book turned my mind inside out and gave it a thorough cleansing, and I couldn't explain it if I wanted to. But through it all I was wholeheartedly engrossed in the bizarrely-involved footnoting fictional author, who lived like the worst of heathens but wrote like a tortured saint.
  10. 10.
    Performance I Attended: Disney On Ice Princess Wishes
    I grew up wanting to be a Disney Princess gliding around on the ice. This show reminded me that dream didn't die. 🌹
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    Li.ster: @nantea
    Dear goodness, I stumbled upon this girl (on January 1, 2016!) because everyone else adored her and I quickly saw why. She writes things I feel but can't possibly mold into expressions half as breathtakingly devastating as hers. I'd despise her for her gift except that I worship her. The latest example: Why I Tell The Story. 😍 PS: yes, I did delve into the ancient chambers of your lists to find my favorite picture of you. Sorry for being creepy. 😘
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    List I Wrote: 99 LOVE NOTES 🍌
    Probably not my actual favorite list because it reveals nothing about myself (I have boatloads of those, and I'm narcissistic enough to love those the most oops). I compiled these quotes to bring positive vibes to myself—and to us all. It's certainly the list I worked on longest, a seasons-long undertaking. 💜
  13. 13.
    List Habit: Not hitting publish
    I started writing lists just so I could NOT push publish and have a teeny bit of satisfaction with not doing something that would lead to disappointment. No one wants to read your dribble, Katherine. "You want to grow up, and get over yourself." Included: a hilarious and prime example.
  14. 14.
    Jewelry: rose gold
    I've been a fan of rose gold since middle school, but this year it became much more accessible and my heart rejoiced.
  15. 15.
    Drink: Ice Cream Sandwich from Macado's
    Dark creme de Cacao, vodka, sweet cream & Oreo cookie frozen. Friggin delicious. (Honestly I haven't had a drink at Macado's that wasn't delicious. Pirate's Potion, The Jam, June Bug, Electric Lemonade, Mai Tai, Rum Runner, Creamsicle, Kiss On The Lips...all good.)
  16. 16.
    Non-alcoholic drink: scuppernong juice
    (Scuppernong is a variant of muscadine. A delicious variety.)
  17. 17.
    Ice Cream: cookies n cream in a Dolly Patton cone
    Forever in love with this cone name. (Is it bad that it made me think of @magic?)
  18. 18.
    Dessert: English trifle
    Delicious when you want to be quasi-sophisticated.
  19. 19.
    Gift: Chip cup from Richard & family.
    I received so many gifts this year—all glorious pieces of love that I feel deep to my core (gifts are my love language). But this one struck me as such a surprise because it came from the rather stern father in a family that has been a huge part of my family's life since my parents were in college. Mom had talked with him about my worsening depression leading up to my backing out of going to Disney World last spring, and when his family went he bought this for me. I was, and am still, touched.
  20. 20.
    Painting: ???
    I have no clue what this painting is called or who painted it, I just gave it as a gift to someone who told me they loved it because it reminds them of me. *bashful face* (If anyone knows what it's called feel free to educate me.)
  21. 21.
    Job (I can't just say "Child"—too creepy): Amelia
    I haven't seen her since May and I still cry for missing her sometimes. There will never be another quite like her.
  22. 22.
    Friend: Tori
    The only other person from my past who's still here—but she's moving to Vegas in the fall.💔 So blessed to have had her nearby the last few years.
  23. 23.
    Page from My Planner:
    I'm snowed in so I'm pretty sure my planner is going to be an entire list. Sorry. I love this page because it has the Belle sticker I found in a parking lot when I was intensely low, a verse I'd never before fully appreciated, and a sweet note from a new friend.
  24. 24.
    Hobby: PokémonGO
    I won't even apologize for this one. It was a fantastic pastime in a really difficult summer, gave myself and someone who would become very dear to me a great way to spend time together at all hours of the night while still getting exercise, and was just good clean fun.
  25. 25.
    Pet That Isn't Mine: Sora
    My friend Tori's husky; he flipping adores me. 💜
  26. 26.
    Article of Clothing: poncho
    Man I love these. I love them so much a wrote a whole list about them early in the year: 13 GREAT THINGS ABOUT PONCHOS