Thanks for the LR, @kellyk! My favorite thing! 💜💜💜 PS: I've recently started reading my horoscope every day; I even downloaded an app a couple of weeks ago!
  1. ♍️
    Date of Birth: September 13, 1991.
  2. Okay, shazam. I actually have been reflecting on recent life experiences, and honestly
  3. I'm feeling a bit oversaturated by them.
  4. I have a fairly addictive personality and this leads to me not balancing things the way I should.
  5. I've had things floating around in my mind for months now—more like years, actually—but acting on them is tricky.
  6. As for people supporting me, I don't buy into that at all.
    I have things I'm cognitive I should do that I know for an absolute fact would not go over well at all with people in my life.
  7. The fear of losing the comfort of familiar patterns, in combination with knowing how those persons would react, is what keeps me from doing what I know must one day be done.
  8. I live in a nest of the mediocre, compulsively taking the riskless route, because I know it's safe.
    You know that episode of New Girl where Nick Miller says he doesn't do things unless he knows what's going to happen? That's me. I used to be braver, but I've digressed into a coward afraid of giving up on what I have in case I fail to find anything better. Which is how I landed in the exact life situation I always dreaded.
  9. In other words, this horoscope is bloody friggin accurate and it scares the stuffing out of me.