Inspired by @classic.
  1. Alone
    Not to be too angsty here, but my in-the-flesh life is frighteningly devoid of other humans my age. And by devoid, I mean there is ONE. And she's busy all the time. I need to mooove.
  2. Books
    Scads of books! Mountains of books! Forests of books! Cascades of books! Swamps of books!
  3. Cool
    Hot weather is the actual bane of my existence. I have a doctor's note and everything.
  4. Disney
    The only thing that's ever loved me as much as I loved it. #disneyismyonetruelove
  5. England
    My heart's home.
  6. Film
    My other lifelong obsession. If I lived in a realm in which I could actually do anything, I would want to work in film. Location scout, personal assistant, editor, water girl..basically anything.
  7. Guilt
    About essentially everything. My appearance. My passions. My lack of talent. My cowardice. My procrastination. My discontentedness. My complaining.
  8. Harris
    My last name, brought to America from the Isle of Harris.
  9. Ice cream
    If I could, I would offer up my virginity to ice cream. Unsolicited.
  10. Jeans
    East Tennessee is the most casually-dressed place in the first world.
  11. Kyriolexy
    Because I am often lovingly teased for using the word "literally" literally all the time.
  12. Lovelust
    Fills me unendingly. At any given moment, it's what is occupying my mind.
  13. Mail
    Letters, packages, Manila envelopes....if it arrived via mailbox/slot, I love it.
  14. Napping
    My favorite pastime. All forms of sleep, actually. PS- if anyone knows how to have lucid dreams, teach me. I'm captivated.
  15. Odd numbers
    Odd, not even, numbers are lucky for this girl.
  16. Planning
    Researching possible life plans has become an obsession, one which I fear may hinder my going out and actually becoming the person I plan on.
  17. Queasy
    My body's primary reaction to anxiety. Particularly nervous anxiety, but applicable to all kinds.
  18. River otter
    The animal I want to become. Did you know that if they are in a situation where they aren't having fun they apparently perish? As in, they literally cease living if they aren't having a good time.
  19. Singing
    I miss being in choir in high school and college, tbh. One of the highlights of my life occurred my freshman year of college when our choir sang in Carnegie Hall.
  20. Thistle
    How I imagine the best version of myself: something that isn't noteworthy at first sight, but when you learn a little more you realize it was beautiful all along.
  21. Undecided
    I.e. my entire being.
  22. Vivian Vex
    The name of my slutty alter ego. Vex because that's what she does to men.
  23. White chocolate
    My favorite kind, especially with hazelnut and/or macadamia nuts.
  24. Xistential crisis
    I've been in the throes of one for just under three years now and it is a hard pill to swallow.
  25. You
    I'm far more fascinated by everyone else's life than my own. I fall in like at the drop of a hat.
  26. Zero
    This is how I refer to my cold beverage of choice, Coke Zero.