SO DIFFICULT, which is why this is so late. Countless songs could have been interchangeable here, but here are the ones I've finally landed on as having meant a lot to me over the years and even still. As always, many thanks for the request, @nathanveshecco!
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    Belle—Beauty and the Beast Cast
    *EVERYTHING* about this song is perfect, except people in my town don't sing about my beauty. But everything else is spot on. "I want SO much MORE than THEY'VE got PLANNED."
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    Another one of my anthems: "when she was just a girl she expected the world but it flew away from her she ran away in her sleep and dreamed of paradise every time she closed her eyes..." (Really I just need all the lyrics here, but there isn't room.) It also speaks to something I struggle with, remembering that "the sun is set to rise" and choosing to believe that "this could be paradise."
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    This Bitter Earth—Dinah Washington
    First heard this on the 'Shutter Island' soundtrack, and still listen to it on a semi regular basis. "This bitter earth..what fruit it bears.." It's honestly fantastic. A must-hear.
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    Set Fire to the Rain—Adele
    I was obsessed with this song a good 7 months or so before it became such a radio favorite; those who were my friends in college can tell you about the literal months after '21' was released that I spent listening to this one song on repeat. O.B.S.E.S.S.E.D.
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    Jolene—Dolly Parton
    I've grown up in Parton country, and I will always admire who she is as a human no matter how many jokes are told at her expense. This is my very favorite of her songs, and I've long loved the name Jolene because of it. Maybe someday I'll name a flaming-haired pet after this very tune.
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    Speaking of Truth (Orchestrated Version)—Laleh
    Orchestrated versions are The Way To My Heart. Also I can't explain why but the lyrics are so poignant to me and this song just makes me feel things.
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    I fell in love with this song at some point during college and never turned back, because, honestly, despite being so coveted by us, youth isn't all lollipops and fluff: it also comes with its own LARGE set of problems.
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    One Day—Hans Zimmer, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
    I'm a big filmie, and soundtracks are my lifeblood. This piece is one of the most beautiful ones I've ever heard with the French horns and the strings. The Pirates soundtracks didn't get the recognition they deserved (as opposed to say, LOTR—WHICH IS GLORIOUS OF COURSE but....GAH.) Anyway, I think it's Perfection. Just listen to it, the whole thing.
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    Time Won't Let Me Go—The Bravery
    "Whenever I look back on the best days of my life I think I saw them all on tv. I'm so homesick now for someone that I never knew. I'm so homesick for someplace I will never be."
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    New Ceremony—Dry the River
    This song is so beautiful to me. He's singing about a woman who doesn't believe they can last and is telling him "I know it's gotta stop, love, but I don't know how." This puts them kind of up the air until she decides whether they can really be together for always or not. Also obviously Peter Liddle's voice is unfailingly perfect.
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    Where We Want to Be—Joe Echo and Ben Barnes Killing Bono
    This song is, to me, a soothing version of the dream. A bizarre movie but one I will always be grateful to for this soundtrack that I actually really enjoy despite the overwhelming scorn.
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    Edge of Desire—John Mayer
    The Mayer of my heart is a human oracle for anyone with eardrums and a heart. This song came to me during a long summer when I was missing someone I was crazy about but couldn't tell the truth, so it played pretty much nonstop for three months. Five long years have passed, and still I adore this song. He hits the nail right on the head and his guitar work is, as always, iconic.
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    Truly, Madly, Deeply—Savage Garden
    This song is forever tied with my childhood expectation of love. I will ever cherish singing this song as my friends and I competed for who could go highest on the swingset, and six year old me believing that the feeling you get in your tummy when you go way up into the air must be what love feels like.