For @SpaceCase, @k8mcgarry, and anyone else who's watched it.
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  7. I loved so much of the revival, a great deal of it was done tastefully with new elements but still maintaining the original charm.
  8. But the pregnancy confession to end the series?
  9. Just...NO.
  10. LIFE IS NOT A 360° LOOP.
  11. Because now Rory will be 32—just like Lorelei was at the beginning of GG.
  12. Logan is clearly the father [after that bizarre "Little Help From My Friends" sequence straight from the 'Across the Universe' film]—who is from the same world as Christopher.
  13. Rory and Lorelei now have a strain on their relationship (in the form of the book Lorelei doesn't want written, which will be compounded by Rory's pregnancy with the baby of an engaged man (a situation we know Lorelei will not approve of after seeing her disapproval of Rory and Dean's relationship in the original)]—just like Lorelei and Emily.
  14. Rory won't want to marry Logan and will opt to raise the child alone [because she had that whole conversation with Christopher about whether he regretted not raising her or not (which was obviously being asked because she knew she was pregnant and was concerned over whether or not to tell Logan)]—just like Lorelei opted to raise her child alone.
  15. Rory will inevitably come across Jess from time to time since Jess' uncle is married to Rory's mother, and since he gave her the idea to write her book in the first place and she will always want his feedback, making him a regular part of her life, and the obvious GET WITH HIM pining almost lover—just as Luke was to Lorelei.
  16. I mean, I suppose if you lived inside an actual snowglobe this pattern of cyclical life events is acceptable, but that's not at all what Amy and Daniel created at first. And I just cannot believe that after all those years of brilliance they would serve us this storyline.
  17. Again, plenty of things in the revival were right. But the way they ended it, the way they closed the book on us after all this was wrong. Wholly wrong.
  18. Far be it from me to praise the two thumbs down seventh season of GG, but it ended lightyears better than this did.
  19. At least it ended with hope of a future that contained more than the recycled pieces of our parents' lives.