1. Saw this, and was once again forcibly reminded of how deep in it our nation is.
  2. And then I was worried for myself:
  3. How will I pay my taxes?
  4. How will I pay for my medication?
  5. How will I pay for going back to get my master's degree?
  6. What if I can't find a job?
  7. Why am I quitting this hellish job that pays $300/wk with a boss who lies on her time sheet and makes me feel guilty for needing to take time off for my infusions?
  8. Then I feel unacceptably selfish for being afraid for myself when there are so many others who are worse off than I.
  9. Then I come on list and try to remember that I have to cling to the hope of which I'm certain: that at the end of the day, Christ loves me. Everything else is just background noise.
  10. But it sure would be nice if the background noise was less horrorsome.