Talk about a weird jumble of bullet points...
  1. 2009: Studying the hardest I've ever studied for anything in my life and earning a 5 (the highest possible score) on the AP US History test.
  2. 2008: Spending a week climbing a Colorado mountain on Wilderness Trek.
  3. 2013: Ending the semester I was diagnosed with MS by staying in university and graduating Cum Laude.
    I know it's not Sigma Cum Laude, but still.
  4. 2012: Spending a month in China with a small group of schoolmates and two professors.
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    Me and sweet Cathy, who is just an angel living on earth and with whom I still keep in touch.
  5. 2010: Researching how to write Belle's signature just like she does at Disney World to sign a card for little girl with cancer whose favorite Princess is Belle.
  6. 2007: Bringing my Algebra I grade my sophomore year of high school from a C to an A in 6 weeks.
  7. 2013: Finally following through with an ancient urge to cut my hair short: 13 inches hacked off transformed me into a non-chic flapper girl.
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  8. 2002: Winning, by some bizarre twist of fate, a state-wide art competition in the 5th grade.
  9. 2014: Doing something completely out of character by taking a "risk" (I'm not good at social, okay?) and going alone to a music festival even though the friend who was supposed to go with me cancelled.
    My Big Solo “Grown-Up” Weekend