1. Relieved to have survived our Thanksgiving party in the toddler room.
  2. My best friend Tori's husky, Sora.
  3. Walking through the neighborhood of my friends' house where we always eat Thanksgiving lunch and dinner.
  4. Guestbook at Natural Tunnel where we went to ride the chairlift Friday night.
  5. The turn of the tunnel, featuring a man with a coat blowing in the wind OR a large pig with horns.
  6. Black Friday message from Pal's.
  7. Artwork on a boulder at the beginning of the Margarette Falls Trail that we hiked Saturday.
  8. The falls, which were low because it hasn't truly rained around here in two months.
  9. A tree my mom noticed that I really like for an indiscernible reason.
  10. The slate I commissioned several friends to make for me at Ladies' Retreat a few weeks ago and can now hang up since Thanksgiving has passed.