1. I was able to get a new phone today--
  2. PRAISE!!!--
  3. But the one issue is that
  4. I got a Droid.
  5. Which I love.
  6. But
  7. NO
  8. LIST
  9. APP
  10. Steve Jobs screws me over from the grave once again.
  11. Seriously tho why are Apple phones so effing expensive? I TEACH TODDLERS.
  12. I cannot fork over $675 for a cell phone.
  13. Also, I kind of like that this is like me going back to who I've always been, the girl on the fringes of the 'cool crowd.'
  14. I can still List from my iPad.
  15. But 3000% this is the one and only drawback to duecing my iPhone.
  16. Although, I'm thinkin about it, and maybe this is good for me.
  17. I've been letting myself get waaay too wrapped up in this.
  18. I mean. I adore you all.
  19. But it's kind of been keeping my mind out of reality.
  20. Also, it may have been adding to the demons in my head because you all are so freaking glorious!
  21. Still so in love with all of you.
  22. Some more than others.
    I'll never tell..😌
  23. This isn't goodbye, it's just see you later.