Inspired by @marymurphy; listed from scuffle to borderline WWIII.
  1. Eve.
    She knows what she did.
  2. The inventors of mayonnaise.
  3. Jerry Bruckheimer.
    Stop making more Pirates movies, which should have ended after Will became captain of the Dutchman.
  4. Ricky Gervais.
  5. Taylor Swift.
    Established in 2006, when her head was too heavy to keep sending us sweet little emails.
  6. Jeans companies for no longer selling truly high-waist jeans.
    Low-rise is the curse of the devil.
  7. Politicians.
    Disillusionment is in overdrive at this point. Let's just go back to uncivilization.
  8. Anyone who says Dreamworks' animated movies are better than Disney's.
  9. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.
    The feud will turn into a full-on war if Leo doesn't get the Oscar this year. This is only one thing, but I HAVE SPENT THE MAJORITY OF MY LIFE FILLED WITH RIGHTEOUS ANGER BECAUSE HE DOES NOT HAVE ONE YET.