In case we ever meet, here's what not to do.
    Seriously. This is the one thing on this list I will not laugh off. Do. Not.
  2. Chew with your mouth open/smack your food or gum.
    Seriously. I know SOMEONE along the way taught you better than that. It's disgusting.
  3. Interrupt, me or anyone else.
    RUDE. I know you have something you're excited to say; I'm excited to hear it. But I want to hear what the person speaking has to say as well.
  4. Watch TV over my shoulder.
    SIT DOWN! I feel like I'm on display or something.
  5. Talk loudly during a movie or the previews.
    We all paid money to watch AND HEAR the MOVIE. Not YOU. And I love previews, haters! If you don't, go out to the hall!
  6. Take food off my plate without asking.
    Just ask. I will almost definitely say yes. But don't be the Errol Flynn to my Howard Hughes.
  7. Talk in my face.
    Why do people feel the need to do this? Those extra two feet you just closed between our heads didn't absorb *that* much sound.
  8. Ask me to do you a favor and then tell me how I'm doing it wrong.
    If you have time to tell me how I'm doing it wrong, you have time to do it yourself in the first place.
  9. Insist you love Beauty and the Beast more than I do-- including the animated or Broadway or ice show or upcoming live action versions.
    There are things--a LOT of things--that I absolutely ADORE. Jane Austen, Harry Potter, Leonardo DiCaprio, Avengers, England, autumn...But I will admit that there are people who love those things more than I do. But if you try to fight me on my loving BatB more than any person alive, I WILL CUT YOU. Don't try it. It's not true, and I will never. agree with you. I'm not saying you have to believe me, all I'm saying is that if you think you love BatB more than me, you'd best keep it to yourself.