Percocet poems, aka late-night word vomit.
  1. Sprawling here, restive,
  2. Mind plagued by wheeling questions
  3. And swirling hopes and feather dreams
  4. And emerald flickering flames.
  5. But please O night sky, why, dear Moon,
  6. Has sleep become so cruel?
  7. I used to need no more
  8. Than books to tuck me in at night:
  9. I'd drift off 'neath you with no fuss,
  10. Bask in your silvery* light.
  11. You've seen me change, O Stars above,
  12. From that lonesome girl to this.
  13. You've witnessed it—your eyes alone
  14. Watched us watch you.
  15. That first kiss...
  16. Dear Nocturne please now whisper
  17. My lips upon the wind,
  18. And fix them on my dear one's mouth
  19. 'Til he awakes again.
  20. See, I don't hope to find repose
  21. Without him—I'm resigned.
  22. The simple truth's I'm not at peace
  23. Lest he is at my side.