Inspired by @k8mcgarry, @nantea, @Dashelamet, @jennifergster, @macnchz, @ashleyanwiler, @catharuin, @iammeghanmurray, @roche, @rellimt, @rachelanne, @sarahsolene, @slaggylindsey, @Equivokate, @sarahte, @jhope71, @MatthewAlmont, @marykathryn, @pathb, @spicymeatball, anybody else who did one of these. I may talk about roses too much in daily life?
  1. Roses are red;
  2. roses are the same
  3. as you.
  4. Roses are red,
  5. roses
  6. and roses
  7. for a beautiful night.
  8. Roses are red,
  9. roses are beautiful—
  10. but the same way you are at that place.
  11. And I love it.
  12. Roses are red,
  13. roses and a beautiful day.
  14. I have a little light on my body
  15. and
  16. I'm not going anywhere
  17. without you.
  18. Roses are red;
  19. roses are you.
  20. Static