This year's autumnal low-grade fever & cold is here in earnest. I=💩 and 💩=me.
  1. When I get sick I am forty shades of needy.
    I hobble around with my eyes half shut, randomly fall on the ground, moan about feeling like rubbish, etc.
  2. I am randomly overcome with jealousy of others in regards to their romantic relationships.
    "The grass is always greener"—I know it's a lie, but it still plagues me.
  3. It really bothers me that people *never* hit on me when I'm out in public.
    I mean I feel this one is forgivable, no?
  4. I'm a hopeless romantic and have ridiculous ideas of what love is
    and am told on a regular basis that "no one would be willing to do the things you want" but refuse to stop wanting them.
  5. My therapist wonders if I may have minor bipolar disorder, and told me after just one session that she can see I definitely have some kind of severe anxiety disorder.
    My mood swings are 83% unexplainable, and 100% unpredictable.
  6. ⬆️ Sometimes I am open and loving and warm. Other times I am harsh and distant and cold.
    This can change in half an eyeblink.
  7. I don't have any awesome talents to showcase to others, and even things I may be halfway decent at I'm too self conscious to do in front of others.
    I only sing in public at church. I don't even sing in the shower unless I am positive no one is home.
  8. I am deeply fragile.
    Physically, emotionally, mentally...I'm just a lot to handle.
  9. Did I mention not being anything to look at?
    👹 It's real.