Inspired by @brimattia, @DG, @magic, @blisssara, @joemurphy, @ShawnKelly.
  1. Because my parents were very concerned with what I viewed as a child and would ScreenIt any movie rated above PG, vetoing ones they deemed inappropriate.
    This didn't end until I was in college; as an adult I'm actually thankful for this.
  2. Because my mom complained every single day of my childhood that she was overweight.
  3. Because my entire life has been a rotating carousel of people telling me I look just like my mother.
  4. Because I had pretty horrid acne as a teenager.
    Went on Accutane my senior year of high school and it changed my life.
  5. Because my fourth grade teacher backhandedly told me I was fat.
  6. Because I watched Beauty and the Beast at least two times every day in the formative years before preschool.
    I wore out not one but two VHS tapes.
  7. Because I'm the eldest child of a flawless little sister.
    See my heavenly sibling here: FOR MY LITTLE SISTER
  8. Because I can count the number of guys who have regularly flirted with me on my digits.
    Caleb A: 7th-10th grade. Justin P: 12th grade. TJ F: 1st-12th grade. Jon T: sophomore year of college. Daniel M: freshman & sophomore year of college. Connor: freshman, sophomore, & junior year of college.
  9. Because I didn't get my first kiss until I was 24.
  10. Because the first man to ever genuinely pursue a physical relationship with me was newly married (four months).
  11. Because the first person to ever sexually harass me was a (seemingly) sweet older man who was one of the four partners who owned the firm where I worked at the time.
  12. Because the first man to ever touch my breasts was a wizened kook who pushed his privileges and passed it off as "part of his job."
    And honestly I still worry that I overreacted to something that wasn't actually a big deal. 😔 A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO MY INFUSION...
  13. Because the summer before 6th grade, the girlfriends I'd made in the kids' club (on the Disney Cruise my family took) had us meet up with some boys who were also in the club. Every one of the boys went down the line and said they liked the girl standing across from them—except for the one standing across from me.
    He wrinkled his nose and said (in his English accent *swoon*) he didn't want me.
  14. Because I've never been asked as a date to any kind of formal event.
    Middle school, high school, nor college.
  15. Because when I was a teenager being grounded meant my mom took my books away.
  16. Because I have consistently been friends with people who are beloved by the masses, while I sit in the corner feeding vicariously on their sunlight without ever being adored myself.
  17. Because I never felt good enough to be friends with other people my age.
  18. Because my parents got married based on falling in love, not on being compatible.
  19. Because I thrive off finding similarities between myself and fictional characters, then insisting I'll be alright because "look how *she* turned out!"
  20. Because I'm the only person in my entire extended family (read: the US) who doesn't like coffee.
  21. Because I never auditioned for a non-ensemble role in my high school's musical theater program.
  22. Because I never auditioned for a solo in my middle, high school, or college choir.
  23. Because my big audition for Holes didn't land me a part.
  24. Because I didn't sing karaoke when my China group went to the KTV.
  25. Because he wouldn't love me back anyway.
  26. Because I didn't ask that girl where she got her shirt that time and thus didn't meet Rupert Grint.
  27. Because my plan to live in Scotland for two years fell through.
    And now Blake is dead. VULNERABILITY
  28. Because I don't actually have eyebrows.
  29. Because when my family camps we do it in tents where there is zero cell reception.
  30. Because when I was little I thought drinking water was a punishment.
  31. Because my dad locked up the duck.
  32. Because I fell into a swimming pool when I was barely a year old and my mom had to jump in and save me.
  33. Because mirrors are everywhere.