1. I have a soap bar heart.
  2. One minute
  3. You can fold your fingers around the lubricious lump,
  4. Lift it lightly to your mouth,
  5. Breathe it into your lungs,
  6. Slide it across your body,
  7. Feel its shivering pulse nestle against your warmth.
  8. The next minute—
  9. No matter how emphatically your pincer fists
  10. Shake and fumble and
  11. Ache and yearn and
  12. Howl and strive
  13. To clutch it between your palms—
  14. My savage heart
  15. Stubbornly
  16. Uncontrollably
  17. Inexplicably
  18. Slips away
  19. And all that's left is my saccharine taste still tickling your teeth.