In response to Something Lost.
  1. I found something crucial to me today:
  2. Curious heart,
  3. An invitation for growth.
  4. Found within the comfort of a chill autumn breeze.
  5. A friendly hand that proffers unknown pathways,
  6. Awakens a stubborn determination to refuse that chance:
  7. That grass only seems greener through the deceitful lens of a frightened mind.
  8. I found something crucial to me today:
  9. Resolved now—
  10. Those questions don't remain.
  11. But even as this treasure is found, worry lays upon your brow—
  12. Caused by my wounds of insecurity.
  13. Yet this love of ours remains assured to me.
  14. You need not strive to make amends,
  15. For you, my precious goober, have become my dearest friend.