1. Potty Time w/ Elmo
    Potty training eight kids at different age and maturity levels is hard.
  2. Winter of Our Youth—Bastille
  3. Move Your Body—Sia
  4. The Yawning Grave—Lord Huron
    " I tried to warn you when you were a child. I told you not to get lost in the wilds. I sent you omens and all kinds of signs. I taught you melodies, poems and rhymes." Haunting.
  5. Numb—Max Jury
    "Little bluebird at my window: sing a pretty song for me. Don't you know that you can fly, fly, fly away? Don't you know that you can leave?"
  6. Sleep On The Floor—The Lumineers
    I love this whole album but this song especially is dynamite.
  7. La Belle Fleur Sauvage—Lord Huron
    I've long been so tempted to attempt learning French, but I'm too intimidated. Also I just really want this song to be written about me, okay? Sue me.
  8. Kissing You—Des'ree
    This song. This movie. These lyrics.
  9. Let's Dance—David Bowie
    The serious moonlight hurts but also makes me want to dance. Exactly up my alley.
  10. Break Your Heart—Taio Cruz
    The way I've secretly thought of myself for around seven years now. Everyone I ever fell for rejected me, breaking my heart, and I wanted to remold myself to better guard it, which would mean one day hurting others but keeping myself safe. Sounds cruel, but sometimes you have to put yourself first.
  11. House On Fire—Sia
    "I need you, I need you. Baby, I want to breathe you in like oxygen, like oxygen. Baby, I'm a house on fire—and I want to keep burning."
  12. Not Today—Imagine Dragons
    Such a beautiful commentary on relationships: even when you're deeply in love, you still can't avoid breaking each other's hearts at times. To me this song is saying that those low points don't have to mean the end, but rather a new beginning.
  13. Across the Universe—Across the Universe OST
    I know it's sacrilege but I really prefer this soundtrack over the original please don't hate me.
  14. Too Afraid to Love You—The Black Keys
  15. Lullaby—Lord Huron
    On l∞p during nap when the other teachers aren't here.