1. Restless.
  2. Noising.
  3. Headache.
  4. I feel the urge to put something new into the world—
    Words or music or visual art.
  5. But truthfully there's no cohesive thought within me that isn't being smothered by stress.
  6. money—old clothes—messy room—grad school—low-paying job—health insurance changes—body shape—friends—budget
  7. And the actuality of it is that writing a list of all the things that are currently bombarding my mental state wouldn't exactly be a joy to read.
    It would just sound like aimless complaining. Which it would be.
  8. Thus, I keep all such feelings pain thoughts worries in my over-stuffed head
  9. All day long, hour after hour, until I end up right back where I started.
  10. Restless.
  11. Noising.
  12. Headache.