Please don't laugh at me you beautiful creative angels; I sadly do not have an artistic soul, ergo I am not. a. writer. Try to imagine that this is relaying my true feelings in a coherent way. I needed to say a very poorly constructed thank you, because your undeserved kindness when I said too much means more than you can know.
  1. ~Stupidity is doing something even though you know you shouldn't:
  2. -A response to "how are you?"
  3. that's more than just "fine."
  4. -Wanting ten dollar guidance
  5. in exchange for a dime.
  6. -Then deciding to share
  7. everything in your mind.
  8. -Expecting acceptance
  9. when you choose not to lie.
  10. -Trying not to feel foolish
  11. when you show your grim side.
  12. ~BUT stupidity is also:
  13. -Allowing your shame
  14. to convince you to hide.
  15. -Thinking nobody cares
  16. since they're so hard to find.
  17. -Wishing to end it
  18. 'cause you're tired of the climb.
  19. -Believing the only
  20. way out is to die.
  21. -Forgetting this moment's
  22. a point on a line.
  23. -Ignoring that nothing
  24. can heal you like time.
  25. 💜💜💜