1. Love
  2. is a disease
  3. it infects what you believe
  4. about yourself and the others you need
  5. and love
  6. is not kind
  7. it won't smile and it won't shine
  8. it isn't there when you need it
  9. you can't save it and you can't delete it
  10. and love is cruel and unforgiving
  11. and love is usually unwilling
  12. to give you back what you've been building
  13. it will scorch the earth just 'cause you're tilling it
  14. and like a cat that you've been petting
  15. for every day of every single week
  16. but when you need it and you're feeling weak
  17. all it really wants to do is fall asleep
  18. because love is vicious
  19. and love is spiteful
  20. but also love also just doesn't care
  21. so you can fight it
  22. but when you strike at it
  23. it will just vanish like it was never there
  24. but believe me it's still there
  25. not in your shoes or heart or hair
  26. 'cause I've looked in all the obvious places
  27. and still haven't found it anywhere
  28. but when I find it I will kill it so that I can get on with my life
  29. and regain composure of my posture
  30. and control of the thoughts in my own mind
  31. because love
  32. will break you apart.
  33. But now hate is accessible
  34. and jealousy is free
  35. bitterness is easy
  36. and blame comes even easier for me
  37. and lust is a game that you will always will lose
  38. but who minds losing when each level
  39. has new contestants for you to choose
  40. and you can yell out "okay I'm finished
  41. now I wanna win"
  42. well too bad 'cause winning's not up to you
  43. all you can do is choose when to begin
  44. to start losing something different
  45. shaped vaguely like pride
  46. but much bigger
  47. and much heavier
  48. and much much easier to find
  49. and once you give that away you will know
  50. by the sickness in your stomach
  51. and the numbness in your toes
  52. because love
  53. will break you apart
  54. love
  55. is hard.
  56. Static