Circa 5.11.2016, when I first began this as a diary format-type of list.
  1. He begs me to meet him so he can buy me soup and cheer me up.
    I strongly resist, but after hours he wears me down.
  2. He is chivalrous.
    Opening doors, paying for dinner, all of that typical stuff, but it's much more than that; he is unfailingly kind when I am too nervous to even get out of my car; instead he climbs in beside me and patiently talks me down a little until I am ready to step out.
  3. He listens to everything I have to say before genuinely responding.
    I prattle on for ages but he remains attentive throughout the whole soliloquy.
  4. He is compassionate.
    As we walk the streets after dinner, we pass an older gentlemen who asks if he can use my phone. He explains that he is a veteran and has just learned he has cancer. He needs to call his daughter to tell her he is about to die; he needs to call a church to give him a ride. I am shocked, standing there open-mouthed and useless, but the boy immediately hands him his phone. While the man is on the phone, this boy digs out his wallet and hands the man a $5 bill, all the cash he has inside.
  5. We walk around downtown for three hours and I kind of rant about a date from the night before, the first date of my whole life, with a guy who seemed great for two months but ended up making me feel like an undesirable slug, which amplified my insecurity about everything I am.
    That should probably be a list in and of itself.
  6. We talk about everything under the sun, from Marvel to pets to my religious beliefs; he tells me he is okay with moving slowly and my personal choices about sex.
    This is a big one, especially in modern society. No one wants to wait for anything, especially if it's something that brings pleasure. It means a lot that he doesn't balk when I spell out my convictions for him.
  7. I ask if it's okay if I hold his arm to keep me steady as we walk; he says he doesn't mind at all.
    I'm still jittery and nervous but our strides match up and for some reason it helps me keep my head a little.
  8. Each time I pull my arm out of his to walk away and look at something, there's an instant when his palm slides lightly against mine.
    I swear I can feel him resisting the urge to close his fingers around my hand.
  9. He gives the best hugs.
    When he hugs me goodbye I bury my face in his chest and he tells me I can stay there as long as I want.
  10. He texts me as soon as he gets home after a lovely evening instead of following the irksome "three days" rule, thanking me for meeting him and telling me he had a great night.
    And the rest is history.
  11. Static
  12. Static
    Tonight we revisited the restaurant where we ate that night.