1. A girl rests beside her puppy in the snow.
  2. She asks why seemingly all others in her life have a someone,
  3. while her heart is nearly smothered beneath the crushing weight of her isolation.
  4. As time creeps on, her shining joy never appearing, her dream becomes tarnished.
  5. The luster has gone, replaced by the only thing she possesses that can spark a connection: the lust of strangers.
  6. Ah, but connections such as these are a treacherous thing.
  7. For though a girl can't avoid feeling the stirrings of emotion, the strangers never do.
  8. A girl is no more than an object for their pleasure.
  9. Wounded and afraid, a girl buries her heart behind towers of cynical bravado.
  10. Over time, a girl grows disillusioned, doubtful of ever finding her personal legend.
  11. "Too long I've kept others at arms' length, too long I've kept my heart sealed tight: now I pay the price and must settle for my lonesome lot in life."
  12. Days become weeks.
  13. Weeks become months.
  14. The snow of winter thaws into spring.
  15. A girl sits beside her puppy on the newly awakened grass.
  16. She asks if it's time for her to try again.
  17. Something within her quietly--yet emphatically--nods.
  18. She rises from the ground, takes a tentative step forward, and seeks out a new adventure.
  19. Static
    It's been 185 days since our first kiss, and I don't regret a single one of them--not even the dark ones. Each one brought us here. Six months isn't long for many people, but I didn't think I'd make it to one. I am happy to be wrong. I plan to keep being wrong for a very long time.