What a fun request! Also not going to lie, every time I get a request I feel like royalty, so thanks for that @witchdoctorc. (PS I adore your name; it simultaneously makes me think of 'Atonement' and Simon&Garfunkel.😍)
  1. The story of my list app handle is less of a story and more of a quest to escape fed up-edness.
  2. My name is Katherine, but grown ups don't call little kids Katherine, so they all opted to call me Katie.
  3. They continued to do this as I grew, but I was contented with Katie. It sounds fun and cute, right?
  4. Clearly many many others in my area thought the same thing, which is the story of how I grew up going to a church with SEVEN OTHER girls named Katie. The cuteness started to fade.
  5. According to my parents, I have been fiercely, outspokenly independent since birth. As you can imagine, this sharing my name with so many other people in my life didn't sit well.
    Self-centered I guess.
  6. I grew weary of always sitting in class and hearing my name called out, only to turn to the speaker and realize they were talking to Kaydee--one of the Cool Kids.
  7. But I couldn't just go changing my name. These people have known me since I exited the birth canal. A name change would never catch on.
  8. I did everything I could to distinguish myself.
  9. I started using my dad's nickname for me--Katie Belle, reason explained here: ACCEPTABLE NICKNAMES FOR KATHERINE TO USE IN REFERENCE TO ME--on everything I possibly could.
  10. I used that Katie Belle for years, on t-shirts, Twitter, writing my signature. The day came when Instagram--where I'd been katiebelle13 for ages--got big at my college, and ANOTHER GIRL MADE HER NAME katiebelle79 or some other number.
    This upset me more than it should.
  11. I was no longer unique. I needed something new, and I needed it fast.
  12. To keep it pithy, I decided to go with Kat.
  13. Obviously cat came to mind, and trying to think of something related to cat that describes me.
  14. I thought of cat scratch fever. But I don't want to name my account after a disease! Then something clicked.
  15. I sat in my dorm room trying to find something that would incorporate Katherine in some way while still being unique.
  16. I used to journal obsessively. Like multiple times a day.
  17. At the time this was happening, I was still deluding myself into thinking I *could* write.
  18. I thought of the word scribe, an ancient writer--back in the days when they wrote everything by hand and actually sealed letters with wax!
    I've always loved those days! I completely romanticize them!
  19. So I landed on katscribefever, and it's stuck with me ever since.
  20. Sometimes I feel silly when I give it to people over the phone and have to spell it out
  21. But there are SO MANY women in the world with my name--my FULL NAME--that l've decided to just roll with it.
  22. In truth, it's a pretty accurate little phrase to describe me, because my desire to write is really nothing more than a fever dream.
    Kat's fevered dream of being a scribe!
  23. 🤓