Literally just me whining, skip this.
  1. Today was supposed to be glorious. Instead, it was 👎. Worse, the actual only person I had to talk to about it was a snotty teenage boy who ticked me off in a BIG way early in the day.
    It's bad when someone even your family knows you can't stand is your only hope for a little mental relief.
  2. A group of adult campers "secretly" made fun of my galoshes in unhushed whispers less than 10 feet from me.
    I'm not going to go into detail, but it got ugly.
  3. A kid threw blue tie dye on my khaki shorts.
  4. Another kid wiped chocolate on said shorts.
  5. I spilled a cup full of maple syrup in my lap, and then—after I'd cleaned it all up—I spilled a giant puddle over the table, down the booth, and into the floor.
  6. I finally got home and there's nothing to eat.
  7. But that's okay.
  8. Because all day long I've been listening to the great playlist for a rainy autumn day to remind me that even the best season has poo moments, but they'll end eventually.