Happy Thanksgiving, earth.
  1. Humankind's ability to write.
  2. My puppy, who adores me no matter how disgusting I look when I go outside to play with her.
    She's gorgeous and I'm 👹but she loves me anyway.
  3. Medicine, from my Tysabri infusions to ibuprofen.
    Depression headaches are a daily part of my existence right now.
  4. The fact that the doctor at my new infusion center didn't feel me up.
  5. That I'm leaving my job in 18 work days.
  6. People in my life who let me be myself—even in regards to the tough stuff.
    Really only two of these, and I've cried to both of them in the last few weeks.
  7. That one day I won't be locked inside this repugnant body ever again.