I watched all 13 tapes on Friday, and I'd be lying if I said it didn't put me in a much darker place than usual. This world is ruled by darkness, and I honestly don't blame her for wanting to escape it.
  2. Ate cheese toast.
  3. Restarted drinking two CamelBaks a day for the first time since my appendectomy.
  5. Spent literally all day in pajamas watching Hey Arnold!, X-Men cartoons, and The Lion King; napping; eating nothing but off-brand Lucky Charms with my person.
  6. Finished my thousandth rewatch of New Girl
    My go-to play-on-my-iPad-while-getting-ready-for-bed/life show.
  7. Read until I got sleepy, then turned out the light.
  8. SUNDAY:
  9. Read more when I woke up at 2am.
  10. Ate a pb&j sandwich to celebrate National Peanut Butter & Jelly Day.
  11. Took a four-hour nap Sunday afternoon between morning & evening church.
  12. Finished the last of the real Pirates of the Caribbean movies (aka 1-3) with my whole family (minus sister).
  13. Washed dishes with my mom and talked to her about the things that are currently stressing the health out of me.
  14. Made plans for bright spots this week.