1. Grad school coming up
    Which I've yet to register for or speak about with my school counselor or any other practical thing because ever since I received my acceptance letter I've been paralyzed by fear over what's to come the next two years.
  2. Continuing sorrow over Beauty and the Beast letting *me* down so hard whilst everyone else loooooved it
    Because I'm apparently a soulless monster who doesn't deserve to breathe the same air as others because everyone else I know thought it was "just the most magical thing!!1!" Furthermore, fear over being booted off this hollow shell that is post-update List because if I ever get up the nerve to write the requested lists about it everyone will want to stone me. 🤐⤵️🕳
  3. Fearing I'll only gain more weight and more acne and never achieve the appearance I've wanted since fourth grade
    A quest which is obviously super boosted by eating 1,995 calories in a 24 hour period.
  4. Talking to my mom about wanting to marry my boyfriend of eleven months when I finish grad school
    Because I don't want her to think I'm being crazy or rushing into anything or being impractical because (no matter how ill-advised it sometimes seems to me) I care about her opinion of me.
  5. Losing my only friend that lives here who is my age when she moves to Vegas later this year
    Sending me back to my pre-college life of having virtually no friends, not realizing how valuable—no, NECCESSARY—they are to happiness. I can't go back to that.
  6. Knowing that I'll be continuing to live with my parents for, at bare minimum, the next two years
    With that ever-lingering phenomenon of a body that ages but never actually grows up.
  7. The eternal nagging in my chest that it would be so, so simple to fix all of this in practically no time at all
    And the walls-are-closing-in, caged-bird certainty that I never actually will because I'm a coward and I could never do that to my grandmother or my sister.