Inspired by @julieann718, @roaringsoftly, @sarahgorman, @musesofamustardseed, @shanaz, and everyone else honestly.
  1. Cream of Wheat
    With salt and butter and lots of pearls (aka when you don't stir enough and the wheat clumps together). Bonus points if it's leftover and in cooling has become "Flat Cream of Wheat."
  2. Rice Cakes
    Plain, styrofoam goodness.
  3. Apple juice.
    🎶Apple juice bum bum bum bum apple juice bum bum bum bum apple juice bum bum bum bum (repeat ad nauseam)🎶
  4. Coca-Cola
    Have a Coke and a smile. And the cutest home video ever of my very first sip, in which <1 year old me tries to seize the cup from my mother after tasting the sweetness within.
  5. Disney peas
    So named because when I was young the only way I would eat them was of my parents would name each pea after a Disney character.
  6. Tang and Nilla wafers
    Children's worship staple. Every kid who went to my church WILL grow nostalgic if you bring this up. Guaranteed.
  7. Chicken McNuggets
    Probably to blame for my being so tall and thick.
  8. Large elbow baked macaroni and cheese
    My grandmother's recipe; my mom can also make it. Literally the stuff of legend among people in my life, as apparently most people "just can't get it right."
  9. Pizza Lunchable
    Only got this on very special or sad occasions. Like field trips. Or my birthday. Or when the Mets beat the Braves in the World Series.
  10. Carrots and white sauce.
    Aka ranch dressing. Love that crunch.
  11. Trimmings off of a yellow cake.
    My grandmother baked and decorated cakes for a living for decades. Yellow cake is still her go-to flavor, and whenever she bakes one she takes it out of the oven, deposits the cake sans pan on a cooling rack, and trims off the top and sides so it will be even for decorating. This leaves the "trimmings," aka yummy cake scraps.
  12. "Pop Cereal"
    With 2% milk and spoonfuls of sugar.
  13. French Toast
    Still my favorite breakfast; it's now my annual Oscars Night meal.