Inspired by @chloeabzzz and everyone else.
  1. Disney, esp Beauty and the Beast.
    But honestly, all Disney except Frozen. That horse is dead; let it rest.
  2. England.
    Really the UK as a whole, but England is my favorite child in a gorgeous family.
  3. How having children is not the only reason to exist on this earth.
    I swear there are countless people in my life who seem to feel that they are only the vessel to continue life, which begs the question: "If all we are is vessels, what is anyone even living for?" Seriously, think about it.
  4. Harry Potter.
    But only if you're ready for a flood of nostalgia that may include a few tears and will definitely include some angry outbursts.
  5. Relationships, so I can reveal my inner self and listen to your sappy stories and then whine about not having ANY of my own.
  6. Leonardo DiCaprio.
    The way this man SPEAKS. Just say things to me with those perfectly enunciated words. 🔥
  7. How much summer and being hot sucks.
    Related: how amazing air conditioning is.
  8. Hannibal.
    The show that introduce me to Mads Mikkelsen, aka Danish Sex God.
  9. Peter Pan.
    Literally all portrayals of this enchanting but heartbreaking story.
  10. Your life's ambitions.
    Because I don't have any and I want to hear about other people's to forget what a failure I am.
  11. Books.
    I can't give a specific one because it's always changing, but I would love to gush about whatever I am reading at the time. Example: I just finished In The Heart of the Sea.🚤 🗡🐋😵
  12. How I Met Your Mother.
    I have a deep love/hate relationship with Ted Mosby. Also if you've never watched the whole series and only paid attention to Barney, you're missing out.
  13. Hershey Kisses.
    You wouldn't think this would be a topic of conversation, but I can so easily turn it into one.