I'm not a poet and I know it. I just wanted to document this moment.
  1. I was just looking out my window as the snow fell,
  2. Seeing how everything in sight is blanketed in white
  3. And wondering how I missed the "big snow" moment.
  4. But then I looked at the actual air,
  5. And realized that snowflakes are still falling.
  6. The flakes are tiny, barely visible,
  7. Like powdered sugar collected into dime-sized clumps.
  8. As they fall, they don't have a direct path:
  9. They're so slight that any change in the air disturbs them,
  10. So they flitter about on their way to their settled spot.
  11. I was surprised that such gauzy, aimless flakes could cover my entire world with white.
  12. But cover it they did.
  13. All it took was patience and persistence.
  14. I want to be like those snowflakes.