1. The stars are oh so beautiful tonight.
  2. I don't know how taking a walk and watching Last Week Tonight could alter my mood so dramatically, but it did.
    America is still so broken, but I do feel better.
  3. My puppy is the world's greatest pet and I don't appreciate her enough.
  4. I think sometimes the fact that I've longed for love my entire life leads to my being a little *too* understanding and tender-hearted with others regarding their own love-inflicted misery, and it makes it seem I don't appreciate the love in my own life the way that I actually do.
    Romantic love is sort of my lifelong weakness. Character flaw.
  5. I hope my classes this semester are manageable.
  6. "Autumn is coming."
    My personal house words. Inspired by House Stark, obv.
  7. I hope I don't totally screw up this library job. If I even get it.
    "Hopefully H.R. will be reaching out within a week or two with an offer" means an offer for ME, right?
  8. My sister's cat is sitting at the bottom of a cabinet twenty times as tall as she is, aching to get to the top, but afraid the challenge is too great to conquer. It's pretty much exactly how I feel right now.