Are we supposed to do such a list again this year?
  1. I list a bunch, but in case you're not interested in sledging through the more, here are some randoms. 😄
  2. I love Beauty and the Beast, purple, roses, red pandas.
  3. I love books, reading is my favorite, and I've resolved to really try to read more books next year than I did this year.
    My brain bugs are gnawing away at my smarts and I want to do all I can to combat them. 🤓
  4. I'm a total Anglophile, and I long to one day live in England.
    A pipe dream, perhaps, but it's still floating around up there.
  5. I love letters—I even have a wax seal I use to mark outgoing envelopes—so those little notecards sets are great.
  6. I'm allergic to several kinds of metal so I can only wear sterling silver, rose/white/yellow gold, or stainless steel jewelry.
    Seriously a downer for my preteen trips to Claire's.
  7. Anything peppermint, i.e. lotion, chapstick, etc.
  8. GUM. Forever in need of minty gum and/or mints.
  9. I have SO. MUCH. CANDY. from Halloween and such, so unless you just REALLY need to send me some you can probably skip it.
    She said with love. 😘
  10. All things funky and unique, especially if it has a story or holds a special place in your mind; my bedroom is literally a hodge podge of BatB memorabilia and random doodads from people/places.
  11. Honestly anything you want to send me is going to leave me thrilled. This is just some insanely random things I'm throwing together in case you need ideas.