1. Dear Sir,
  2. Thank you for snapping me out of my reverie as I walked down the hillside with my mind in a completely different world.
  3. I don't know if your familiar manner was due to your believing you know me from somewhere, or if you are just a genuinely friendly person,
  4. But your attention to me, a total stranger, caught me totally off guard.
  5. Your crystal blue eyes were looking into mine as if they knew that I was conflicted and afraid
  6. And that you wanted to help.
  7. Your frankness about having an M88 in your back pocket reminded me of my dad,
  8. Making me feel safe to freely speak with you as we tried not to slip on the snow.
  9. My heart stirred with rare sympathy when you told me you are suffering from lung cancer;
  10. It instantly earned my respect that you are still out walking in the freezing air over the snowy ground.
  11. I sincerely hope that you manage to triumph over that enemy in one of mankind's most hateful battles.
  12. Thank you for taking a moment to talk to me.
  13. You couldn't know it, but at that moment I was having a conversation on my phone with a college bride about men's utter lack of interest in me.
  14. And while, of course, you weren't speaking to me out of desire,
  15. It still gave me a soothing moment that at least this gentleman took notice of me enough to speak.
  16. Because I'm losing faith in the idea that men are interested in my existence.
  17. And it's leading me to do things I've never even considered doing before.
  18. I write all of this to say, sir, that whether or not you change me for the better,
  19. I appreciate your willingness to reach out to a random girl in a poncho and ear buds.
  20. Love always,
  21. Katherine