I don't think I've ever felt so cynical and bitter and heartbroken.
  1. The boy and I have been pumped for the movie Dunkirk for months now, and tonight he took me to the 8:45pm screening.
  2. Around the second preview, a trailer for An Inconvenient Sequel played, and as soon as data about climate change came up on the screen, a man behind us started saying, *loudly* and with vitriol, "YOU'RE A LIAR! IT'S EASY TO SAY WHEN YOU LIVE IN A MILLION DOLLAR HOUSE. SHUT UP, MORON."
    These are actual things he said. To the movie theater screen. In a full auditorium.
  3. It was a fairly lengthy trailer, and eventually he began giving orders to the audience: "IT'S CRAP, PEOPLE, DON'T BELIEVE THE LIES. DON'T LISTEN TO HIM."
  4. I was in shock, paralyzed that this grown man was using a movie theater, an establishment intended to be an *escape* from the trials of life, to push his personal beliefs by insisting audience members were stupid if they didn't agree with him.
    I understand that the trailer itself is pushing a particular agenda, but it isn't calling audience members morons for a difference of opinion.
  5. Disgusted, I'd finally had enough, and said loudly, "Everyone is entitled to their own opinion."
  6. He shot back, "Yes they are, and there's mine, so EAT IT."
  7. I know this is the smallest instance of social unrest that anyone has ever shared on the internet, but it hit me in a way that felt as if he'd found a chink in my armor.
    I was so upset I couldn't even focus on this movie I've waited months to see; I ended up leaving the theater and getting a refund.
  8. I have so much more to say, but all my mind can even feel right now is disbelief and heartbreak over the hatred this man felt fully entitled to spew to the entire room.
  9. And the reason he felt entitled to launch such aggression? The f****** president of the United States endorses it.
  10. I just feel hopeless. As a deeply privileged middle class white citizen, I feel hopeless. And if I feel so claustrophobically crushed by the weight of this kind of despicable behavior of so many thousands—millions—of people, how can anyone in the whole world feel empowered to make a difference?
  11. "What can men do against such reckless hate?"
    —Theoden, Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers