Inspired by @egiuffri.
  1. 24
    I've existed outside the womb for 24 years.
  2. An Idiot Abroad
    The month I spent in China in 2012.
  3. Another Period.
    The worst week of every month.
  4. Awkward
    Starting around the time I entered middle school, lasting through college and stretching into present day.
  5. The Comeback
    The period in which I moved back home after graduating with a four year degree, trying to pretend I didn't/don't feel like a failure just like Lisa Kudrow's character in this show.
  6. Cougar Town
    November & December 2015, when I developed crushes on elementary school boys in the after school program where I worked.
  7. Defiance
    Teenage years. Keep in mind: even boring defiance is still a criminal offense in my house. Example: in 10th grade I was made to choose between being spanned with a belt or missing my school's choir trip to Disney World, all because I ordered Moulin Rouge with a WalMart gift card I was gifted.
  8. Girls
    My entire life, because I suck at talking to boys. Like I am the actual worst at it.
  9. Girl Meets World
    Every time I get a bill for my non-real, 79%-pretend "adult" life.
  10. Lost Girl
    My life since around age 21 when I started looking for my life's Significant Something; it began when I changed my major twice in a month.
  11. Once Upon A Time
    My charmed and happy young childhood.
  12. Undateable
    Since around age 6. I think before then there may have been hope, but once I started developing crushes on boys I didn't actually know I was ruined.
  13. Young and Hungry
    My babyhood. Also childhood. Also teenage years. Also pretend adult years.