*May or may not actually be positive behaviors.
  1. Spending inordinate amounts of time on an activity that utterly only lasts the lifespan of two fruit flies.
    i.e. 4+ hours painting my fingernails.
  2. Napping too long.
  3. Drinking hot chocolate/hot tea out of favorite mugs way too close to bedtime.
  4. Saying no to activities I'm not actually interested in and would normally agree to out of politeness.
  5. Taking steps to greatly reduce exposure to things/people that worsen my self image/depression.
  6. Stepping back to analyze before I spend money.
  7. Clutching a comfort object on sleepless nights.
  8. Full-body stretching whenever I think about it.
    (I admit sometimes plough pose isn't an option but I do what I can.)
  9. Sponge bathing when I'm too tired for actual showers.
    This is an entirely mental thing, I realize it doesn't actually help with saving time or water or convenience or anything at all really. It's just easier to dry off afterward.
  10. Staying in pajamas longer than is socially acceptable.
    In other words, three days in a row.
  11. Letting myself cry.
    By which I mean not even trying to stop it. Just cry it out until my body is quivering with exhaustion. Then keep crying. It won't be over until you're about to hurl, and then your body's abject terror at the thought of regurgitating food that it finally stops.
  12. Telling people when they hurt my feelings.
    Despite knowing that they didn't mean it in a nasty way. Even when I know tells my them will make them feel bad. Is it selfish? Probably. But at least I'm being honest.
  13. Transparency
    I'm trying to just be as upfront about things as possible. Which is less than ideal, because apparently a great deal of what goes through my mind is not in line with what goes through the minds of those around me. This is akin to ripping off a Band Aid for me: it usually stings at first, but once it's finished at least it's over.
  14. Static